About Dolli...

Dolli’s passion for culture, graffiti, and all forms of art began to blossom during her upbringing in Hartford, Connecticut. Growing up in a household with a musician and self-proclaimed artist as a father, her creativity was nurtured from a young age. As she entered her pre-teen years, Dolli discovered a love for fashion that quickly grew into dreams of a career in the fashion industry. She started sharing her fashion journey through blogging on social media platforms and gained valuable experience by interning at local boutiques and participating in local fashion shows.

Dolli’s passion for fashion led her to further her education and skills by attending the Fashion Academy of Celebrity Stylist and MCM Creative Director, Misa Hylton, intern at Elle Magazine, and the world of television and film, where she worked as a production assistant. Currently, she is pursuing her career in costume designing as a member of the Theatrical Wardrobe Union Local 764 IATSE of NYC.

Dolli’s journey is one of passion, talent, and dedication. Through her love for art, fashion, and community, she continues to make a positive impact in the industry and the lives of those around her.

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A service tailored for professional individuals who want to enhance their appearance for their brands; crafting customized appropriate looks that resonate with your style with my expertise. Very beneficial for branding or re-branding, editorial, music videos, television, and public appearances. We will discuss all concerns and levels of your comfort to ensure I create a look that best fits you for your branding shoot.
– Styling assisting
– Color analysis
– Body shape analysis
– Makeup & hair
– Undergarment suggestions (if needed) upon request
– Jewelry
This service is ideal for professionals, and entrepreneurs looking to elevate their brand and reputation for public appearances, websites, and social media platforms.


This service is tailored to advise the client on new fashion trends, colors, apparel, creating a new image by enhancing wardrobe that is complementing and suitable for your everyday style. Along with shopping online or in store for clothing, footwear, and accessories according to your personal style. This service is for the everyday person, normally used for seasonal purposes also suitable for one who possesses a new style.


Fill out the Styling Questionnaire and We discuss your service options and address any questions you might have about the process of becoming a client. Whether you prefer an in-person meeting, virtual conversation via Zoom, or phone call.


This service is tailored to the client’s individual needs and goals, whether it is for a one-time event, ongoing style improvement, or a complete wardrobe makeover. This service is for the everyday person, normally used for an event or longer periods of time such as a vacation.


A wardrobe re-organization and editing session is a hands-on process aimed at optimizing your closet and helping develop a more efficient, stylish, and personalized wardrobe. The goal is to reshape your closet rebuild your wardrobe including current clothing. This process is very time consuming and intense; this service is for anyone who is interested and eager to transform style and re organize clothing living space.