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On The Quest For The Dress ( 100 WOC RED DRESS)


I didn’t go to my senior prom and I always promised myself that if I ever won an award that I would go all out for the event. When I found out  I was being honored I was super excited and I knew I had to go all out.

In my profession you always are on the lookout for hot designers or nice apparel. A while ago when I was really into reality television I used to watch Love & Hip Hop New York. I was catching up on the one of the reunion shows and I saw this beautiful dress one of the cast members Yandy Smith it was beautiful. I fell in love with her dress so of course I had to find out the deets (details). I started following the boutique on Instagram. It took me about two years to finally get to the store which was ridiculous because I lived and work about 15 mins away from the boutique in Brooklyn, New York.

Versailles Custom Boutique 194 Flatbush Ave. Brooklyn, New York 

phone (716) 230-3363

I finally went into the store and it was like the ultimate candy store for dresses. Sequins, feathers, beads you name it they had it. I tried on a couple of dresses with Designer Emmanuel Whitmore he was so helpful and one of the most professional, sweetest people I’ve met since I’ve been in the city. I played dress up for a hour even though I found my dress. It literally took me 10 mins and I found RED I absolutely love her!!

Designer Emmanuel & I

Getting measured for the dress

The pandemic changed the event location so two weeks before the gala I had to change the tail of my dress. The even was being held outside as opposed to inside an extravagant theatre. I wasn’t really happy about having to change my dress but I knew either way it was still going to be beautiful.

to be continued…..

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