Testimonials from Clients

Customer Appreciation

I was first introduced to Dolli Long when I had set up a branding photo shoot. It was my very first photo shoot and I had no clue on what type of outfits I should wear to really make the photo shoot amazing. I was very transparent with Dolli on a lot of my issues when it comes to clothing and shoes. She listened to me and she did what she does best and put some amazing outfits together that included the shoes and accessories. Working with her was so easy!

She communicated everything to me and sent me powerpoint presentations of the outfits!! Now who does that??!! That was so professional that immediately told me she was about her business and her goal was to please. The day of the photo shoot she was definitely an asset as she worked with the makeup artist and the photographer to decide what outfit was to go with every scene. She made sure I had no wrinkles and even had a lint brush on deck to make sure no lint was on the outfit. I point out those details because that prove to me she was invested in my photo shoot just as much as I was to make sure it was perfect.

I am in the service industry as well and providing superior customer service is what I aim for and to be able to work with someone who shares those same values was pretty cool.

I end the review with this final thought. Dolli has the ability to see past your own limitations and will simply say, ‘”Just trust me” She showed me a skirt that really pushed me to my fashion limit, I said I like it but it’s definitely pushing it but I will TRUST you. Guess what???!! It was my favorite outfit for the photo shoot and the pictures came out amazing!!

Trust Ms. Dolli Long, you won’t regret it!!!!

Amber "The Tax Lady" Whitehead, MBA, EA, Tax Consultant